35 Hours

35 Hours

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Based on the date you gained your C1 (prior to 09/09/2009) we now know you have acquired rights and need to complete the following ‘Periodic’ training to gain your Driver CPC to qualify.

You will need to complete 35 hours in total in any 5 year period.

This usually equates to 5 days x 7 hours and can be done in 1 week (Monday to Friday) or staggered 1 day a year over 5 years.

The bulk of drivers completed their first cycle of D.C.P.C around the first deadline of September 9th 2014 and therefore have an expiry date of September 9th 2019. However drivers coming after that have their five years start from a week or so after they completed their course.

A 5 day (full week) course might look something like this:-


UK Driver New App Icon Monday

Monday - Drivers Hours A & The Professional Driver A


UK Driver New App Icon Tuesday

Tuesday - Load Safety A & Emergency Actions A


UK Driver New App Icon Wednesday

Wednesday - Safe and Economic Driving (Theory) A & On the Road A


UK Driver New App Icon Thursday

Thursday - Health & Safety A & Tachographs A


UK Driver New App Icon Friday

Friday - Haulage Operations (Compliance & Enforcement) A & Haulage Operations (Road Freight Compliance) A

* Different training companies run different courses on different days. But all need to be approved by J.A.U.P.T. (The Joint Approvals Unit for Periodic Training). Please check before you book that you do not book the same course twice!

You will also need to do your 35 Hours once your Initial Driver CPC Qualification Card expires. So, if you gained your C1 (in the Armed Forces say) in June 2012 and the expiry date on your D.Q.C. states July 2017, you will need to join the main group of drivers and complete your 35 hours periodic training BEFORE the expiry date in July 2017.

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