January Sale

New Year Sale Discounts are now available to drivers who have already been on our courses. We will be rewarding your loyalty to us by discounting your next cycle of Driver CPC for the many of you who indicated you would prefer to do one-day-a-year (over the 5 years) this time around.January Sale Gift Tag

The single most popular comment we heard from drivers attending our courses was that they were planning on completing their next cycle of Driver CPC by doing 1 day a year (instead of having to take a full 5 days off work).

Bear in mind that the new cycle of periodic training has already started on September 10th 2014.

So drivers can now start totting up their next 35 hours ahead of the next deadline on September 9th 2019.

So if one of your New Year's Resolutions was not to have to sit through a full 5 days of CPC then here is your chance to tackle your next 35 hours in bite size chunks!

Also for transport managers it has to make more sense to have drivers coming on courses during possible slack periods rather than losing them for a full week near to the deadline.

So, from now until the end of January you can benefit from a discount on your first day by booking early.

Price Reduced From £50.00 plus Vat (£60.00) down to £40.00 plus Vat (£48.00) that's a 20% saving.


Pay now and decide later which day you want to do. Can be taken on any of our monthly courses running through 2015. *Subject to availability. For dates click here.

You must let us know in advance which day you wish to attend. *Giving at least 2 weeks notice

Either give us a ring to book over the phone 0191 5561004 or click the link to pay for your first day at the discounted rate.

(Companies simply contact us to arrange BACS payment).


You must have attended our courses previously to benefit from this offer.

This offer applies to both individual drivers and companies.

Managers if you would like our business development manager John Morris to pop out and see you either give me a ring (Gary) 0191 5561004 / 07544 467347 or drop me an email gary@northeastdrivercpctraining.co.uk

*This offer does not apply to any courses ran externally (e.g. The Cheviot Hotel in Northumberland) or courses ran on a weekend.